How far in advance should I reserve a character?

We recommend booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance.  Our characters book up quickly!  We try our best to accommodate last-minute requests, but to avoid disappointment, please book as early as possible, especially if you are having your event on a holiday or long weekend.

There is an additional fee for parties held on statutory holidays (Thanksgiving, Labour Day, etc).

Do you have male characters?

Yes!  We have a variety of superheroes, princes, pirates, and many other male characters!

Can I choose which performer is coming?

If you are looking for a specific performer, please let us know when you are booking your party.  There may be an additional fee associated with reserving a specific person, due to high demand and scheduling complications.  If you saw one of our characters at another party but didn't catch her name, we can probably track down who it is, so don't hesitate to ask!

What hours do you offer parties?

We work from 10am-8pm (9am-8pm during the month of December), any day of the week. Additional fees will apply to events outside those hours.

What do I need to provide?

We make party-planning super easy for you!  The performer just needs a place to sit, and a damp cloth to use to apply the tattoos.  Of course, it's always nice to offer a glass of water as well.

Should I tip the princess?

While tipping is not required, it is much appreciated.

Can I have my party outside?

Weather-permitting, you may host your party outside.  However, princesses cannot perform outdoors if it's hotter than 25 degrees; the costumes and wigs are very warm!  We recommend moving the princess segment of your party indoors on hot days.

Does  the princess arrive early to set up?

We don't need to arrive early to set up.  If the princess does not have a car and takes the bus, she will arrive 10-15 minutes early to change into costume; we recommend having her come in a side door if that is an option.

Where can I host my party?

We have done parties in small apartments, large houses, restaurants, fast-food places, malls, gyms, schools, reception halls, hospitals, you name it!  We are happy to recommend venues if you are having trouble finding one.

Can a princess volunteer at my charity event?

Please understand that we receive dozens of requests for volunteer princesses, and we unfortunately can't sponsor every event.  We prioritize organizations that directly benefit children: we happily volunteer at the Montreal Children's Hospital, and for the Make a Wish Foundation, and Sun Youth. For other charity or fundraising events, we are delighted to offer discounted rates.